Lemma Europe Insurance Company Limited (In Liquidation)



On 24th January 2013, the Supreme Court of Gibraltar made an order winding-up Lemma Europe Insurance Company Limited (in Liquidation) ("the Company") and appointed Frederick David John White to act as the Company's liquidator ("the Liquidator").

The Court has given the Liquidator permission to disclaim contracts under which the Company is liable as insurer or reinsurer, and the Liquidator has done so by signing a Notice of Disclaimer before the Court at the hearing on 24th January.

UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”) – Return of Premium Claims


If you have received a letter from The Liquidator advising you to download the Compensation Scheme Application Form, please complete this form fully, ensuring that an officer/director of the company signs  Section F (Declaration and Consent) before sending it, with a copy of your audited accounts for the period covered by your policy, by post to: 


FDJ White 

Liquidator of Lemma Europe Insurance Company Limited

c/o Grant Thornton (Gibraltar) Limited

6A Queensway

P.O Box 64



Please note:

1.       Your audited accounts are required by the FSCS in order to assess your eligibility for your Return of Premium Claim.

2.       This form is Companies only. Private Individuals, Individuals Trading As, and clubs will be sent a separate form by the Liquidator.



On 14th February 2013, the High Court of Justice in London made an Order recognising the Supreme Court of Gibraltar’s winding-up order and the appointment of the Liquidator. The English Court has ordered a stay on the commencement or continuance of proceedings against the Company, and confirmed that the disclaimer of contracts of insurance and reinsurance has effect.

As stated in the Liquidators first progress report as at 31st July 2013 policyholders may have a claim for return of premium in respect of unexpired periods after 24 January 2013 (when outstanding policies were disclaimed) to the end of the relevant policy term. United Kingdom policyholders who meet the eligibility criteria of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”) operated in the United Kingdom who have such return of premium claims may also be eligible for compensation from the FSCS. Preparatory work for processing these claims is now complete and we have begun writing to policyholders.

The Liquidator’s Contact details are as follows:

     Frederick David John White

     Grant Thornton (Gibraltar) Limited

     6A Queensway

     P.O Box 64



     Tel: +350 200 45502

     Fax: +350 200 51071

    Email: lemma@gi.gt.com

    Website: http://www.grantthornton.gi


Relevant Materials and Orders can be downloaded from the links below: